ARCFE Group 11


Annual Fixed Interest of 3%, Paid on A Quarterly Basis, Recruiting


Hudson Gardens EB-5 LLC is a new commercial enterprise formed on July 7th, 2017 for the purpose of raising investment capital to finance the development of a Condo/Commercial Building Project in New York City permitted under the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program. Hudson Gardens EB-5 LLC seeks to raise up to $30 million of capital contributions from 60 investors. The $30 million EB-5 Capital will be advanced as secured loan to finance the construction of a 7-story Condo/Commercial building located at 615 10th Avenue, New York, NY 10036 (the “Project”). The loan will be secured by developer’s pledge of 100% equity interest in the Project. With approved building plans, the Project has commenced excavation in summer 2017 and is expected to be completed in summer 2019. Job will be created during the construction process. Economic analysis by Dr. Michael Kester calculates that a total of 872 jobs will be created, which translates into over 14.5 jobs per EB-5 investor.



Project Developer: XIN Development Group International, Inc.

As the real estate investment arm of parent company Xinyuan Real Estate Co. Ltd (NYSE: XIN), the company entered the US market with three projects in 2012. The development of OOSTEN at 421 Kent Avenue Brooklyn, New York is one of the three and the first one in NYC. The other two were located in California and Nevada. The development of OOSTEN turned out to be a big success of the company. The construction has been completed in Q3 2016. By 2017 Q2, approximately 80% of units have been sold and occupied.

Architect and Engineering Designs:  Marvel Architects

Marvel Architects ( was formed out of the idea that architecture and design can legible define the human relationship with the environment. The company consists of 80 architects, urban planners, designers, and landscape architects. Based in New York City, Marvel Architect has successfully completed projects for mixed-use developers, iconic retail brands, galleries and museums, public and private educational institutions, and city agencies. They have earned a national reputation for designing at the intersection of public and private space, from security bollards on Wall Street to a 550,000 SF hotel/condo situated in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Rather than specializing in a “look” or typology, their process consistently uncovers essential qualities of sites and existing structures, and uses them to bring meaning to the new project through rigorous research and analysis.

General Contractor: Mc Gowan Builder

Mc Gowan Builders ( is a premier Construction Management and General Contracting Services firm with impressive project experience providing insightful construction guidance to commercial and institutional clients in a wide range of market sectors. These active market sectors include corporate office and retail spaces, educational, cultural & historical, residential & hospitality, financial services, healthcare, media, broadcast and data facilities.

Today Mc Gowan provides construction services in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island, as well as through New York State, New Jersey, Connecticut, with an office in Miami, Florida.


Capital structure

Developer investment $30,950,000 – 18% (land acquisition cost and early development costs)
Bank loan $108 Million – 64% (mainly hard construction loan)
EB-5 capital $30,000,000 – 18% (60 EB-5 investors)
Totalproject investment $169 Million

Job creation

810 jobs can be created from hard construction costs, 39 jobs can be created from architectural, engineering and related services and 23 jobs can be created from marketing activity of the project. A total of 872 jobs will be created from this Project during its 30-month construction period, which is translated into 14.5 jobs per EB-5 investor.

Total Number of Investors

Required Number of Job Creations

Expect Number of Job Creations