Dec 2020

The project has been completed.

Aug 2019

As of Nov 2019, the project is completed and TCO has been obtained.  Buyers are in the process of closing and some buyers have moved in.

Aug 2019



As of Aug 2019, interior work for all units are near the end and the entire project is expected to be completed soon, either this month or next month.  TCO reveiw is well underway and expected to obtain soon.

May 2019



As of May 2019, all outside scarffolding has been removed. All doors and windows are completed. Interior work for all units are near the end. The entire project is expected to be complete by this summer.

Jan 2019


Job site is continuing to making substantial progress as of q4 2018 as follows:

–  The entire project is conducted during the last stage.
–  The model rooms have been showed to buyers.
–  The interior work has been performed and the TCO is expected to be applied right after the project completion.
–  The pre-sale of condos has been progressed well thanks to the approximation to the future Amazon Q2 headquarter.

Oct 2018

Job site is continuing to making substantial progress as of q3 2018 as follows:

–  Framing, sheetrocking, masonry, electrical, mechanical, plumbing trades are almost done.
–  CMU work is complete.
–  Windows are installed to some floors. Drive walls are complete till the top floor.  Painting work has been started from the first floor.  Remaining windows are scheduled to be installed after all paintings are done.
–  The entire project is expected by the completed by the end of 2018.
GC anticipates to finish up building substantially by end of the year.

April 2018

Job site is continuing to making substantial progress as of 4/25/2018 as follows:

–  At the time of site inspection, there were about 60 plus workers consisted of framing, sheetrocking, masonry, electrical, mechanical, plumbing trades, exterior, and elevator, project manager and super were on site.
–  Building’s superstructure and bulkhead is complete. CMU work is almost complete.
– All scaffolding pipes and netting are erecting up to roof to protect debris from falling off  from  job site. Elevator rails are installed to 7th floor.
– Self angle plate (to hold bricks) is over 80% and pending setback area on 11 St. stucco exterior wall recently commence work in back of building.  Exterior waterproof work just commences on the 11th street.
– First batch of windows and bricks will be delivered on site in May.
– Partitioning and interior framing is all the way to 7th floor.   Sheetrock work has commenced in kitchen area in lower floors.  Full scale of sheetrock work will take place next week.
–  HVAC duct work is all the way up to the 6th floor. All indoor Toshiba Carrier units are delivered on site and installed up to the 4th floor.  Carrier unit refrigeration piping is up to the 4th floor.
– Electric works is up to the 5th floor while electrical subcontractor is still working on obtaining temporary power for our site.  Electrical room is being set up on the 1st floor.
GC anticipates to finish up building substantially by end of the year.

December 2017


Job site is continuing to making good progress as of 12/28/2017 as follows:

– Since last quarter visit in October, foundation has been completed and superstructure is on its way up to 3rd floor.

– Despite of cold weather, over 30 concrete workers are currently doing rebar and form works and plan to pour concrete this weekend.  It is anticipated whole building superstructure will be completed by end of January or early February.

– Sidewalk bridge and scaffold is in place. Protection to adj parking lot has been erected as well.
– Electrical subcontractor is applying for temporary power on site.
– In next few weeks, the GC will commence partition metal stud framing and mechanic, and plumbing works.


September 2017

Job site is continuing to making good progress as of 10/17/2017 as follows:

– Pile is basically complete except remaining piles in elevator pits to be grouted when we begin to work there later.

– All footing and foundation walls are in place.  There are more pile cap works and elevator pit to be finished in next two to three weeks depending how fast we excavate the pit area and then dewatering.

– Temporary power installation was completed this week.

– The GC is targeting to finish all pile caps and below grade slab by first week of November.

June 2017

Per site visit on 6/20/2017, a summary of work is as below:

Demolition has been completed. Job site has been mobilized and Lions Group plans to break ground next week.

March 2017

Per site visit on 3/31/2017, here is summary of finding:

  • old building’s superstructure has been demolished;
  • sidewalk bridge has been dismantled last week;
  • basement has been demolished and they already knocked down old foundation;
  • Overall, the demolition has been done. Excavation is going to commence soon.


ARCFE visited construction site on 2/6/2017. Per today’s visit, over a dozen of workers on site and two excavators. 1st floor is almost demolished. Today, our monitoring company sent their worker to put up four crack monitoring devices onto adj. interior wall.   We should come back to check it tomorrow and then we will come to check it periodically thereafter. Going forward, we will pay them $1,000 per month until we finish our superstructure.  We shall finish up demolition in next two to three weeks.


As of 9/30/2016, asbestos fibres have been cleaned. Utilities were cut off. GC is going to demolish superstructure.

JUNE 2016

Land title was officially transferred on May 18th 2016. As site visit on July 8th 2016, demolition of old building has started.