Dec 2020

The project has been completed.

September 2017

Job site is continuing to making good progress as of 10/17/2017 as follows:- Pile is basically complete except remaining piles in elevator pits to be grouted when we begin to work there later.- All footing and foundation walls are in place.  There are more pile cap works and elevator pit to be finished in next two to three weeks depending how fast we excavate the pit area and then dewatering.- Temporary power installation was completed this week.- The GC is targeting to finish all pile caps and below grade slab by first week of November.

June 2017

Per site visit on 6/20/2017, a summary of work is as below:

Demolition has been completed. Job site has been mobilized and Lions Group plans to break ground next week.

March 2017

Per site visit on 3/31/2017, here is summary of finding:
 - old building’s superstructure has been demolished;
 - sidewalk bridge has been dismantled last week;
 - basement has been demolished and they already knocked down old foundation;
 - Overall, the demolition has been done. Excavation is going to commence soon.


ARCFE visited construction site on 2/6/2017. Per today's visit, over a dozen of workers on site and two excavators. 1st floor is almost demolished. Today, our monitoring company sent their worker to put up four crack monitoring devices onto adj. interior wall.   We should come back to check it tomorrow and then we will come to check it periodically thereafter. Going forward, we will pay them $1,000 per month until we finish our superstructure.  We shall finish up demolition in next two to three weeks.


As of 9/30/2016, asbestos fibres have been cleaned. Utilities were cut off. GC is going to demolish superstructure.

JUNE 2016

Land title was officially transferred on May 18th 2016. As site visit on July 8th 2016, demolition of old building has started.