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A luxurious riverfront condominium Project in Williamsburg Brooklyn (

The Oosten Condominium locates in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg right next to the East River waterfront, overlooking Wall Street financial district in lower Manhattan over the East River. At Oosten, you not only possess world class city’s prosperity but also get to enjoy the exquisite life behind the city. Rich and colorful Hippie culture has made Williamsburg one of the most sought real estate neighborhoods in the NYC. Concentration of a variety of upscale restaurants, numerous art galleries and style music bars have attracted a large number of artists, startup entrepreneurs, upper-class collar workers and fashion designers to move into there, which provided the neighborhood infusion with fresh vitality. Increasingly rich artistic environment has made local lifestyle more colorful. The influx of high pay working-class residents is a key factor that is driving and transforming the commercial development in Williamsburg. To many people, Williamsburg has become another vigorous and glamorous SOHO.

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Headquartered in Beijing, Xinyuan is major real estate developer of high-quality residential projects encompassing nine provinces in China and three states in the U.S. with annual sales of about $1.5 billion. In its 11 years span, the company has successfully developed a total building area of 16 million square feet with over 20 million square feet currently under construction. In 2007, Xinyuan became the first real estate company to listed in New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: XIN) with institutional private equity backers including Blue Ridge Capital and Sam Zell’s Equity International. Over these years, Xinyuan has built up its reputation and trust in both China and U.S. markets. The additional information of the company can be found on: