December 2017


Per site visit 12/1/2017, site safety manager and about 20 workers mainly sheetrock and tile workers on site, our finding summary as follows,

– Construction crews have commenced drywall works in the apartments from top floor to lower floors in rear building. Tile works have been progressed to 7th floor from top floor. And tile works are completed in hallway form 2nd floor to top floor.

– Elevators are in operation.

– Per Steve Cheung, remaining windows and balcony sliding doors will be delivered next week before Christmas.

– Upon window delivery, they should be able to expedite sheetrock and finish floor work in apartments facing Queens Blvd.

– Due to delays in procuring windows, TCO is likely postponed to in summer 2018.


September 2017


As per site visit on 9/22/2017, our finding summary as follows,

– Electrical workers are working in electrical room and others are performing repairs on upper floor on site.

– Mechanical vents were installed in both cellar and ground floor. An A/C equipment was installed on roof.

– Couple workers started ceiling framing in commercial floor.

– Since last visit, steel columns had been reinforced in the basement.

-doors, small windows & frames, all sheet rock and insulation are stored on site. Windows and balcony sliding doors still are not available for the units facing Queens Blvd.

-per site safety manager, they are waiting for sheet rock subcontractor to come start the job. He told me they would start in couple of weeks.

They need to work faster on the project and project completion with TCO is likely postponed to early next year.

June 2017


Per site visit on 6/27/17, our finding summary as follows,

– Construction workers were pouring concrete to reinforce steel columns in cellar.

– Two of elevators have been installed but one is operational with TCO. Its hoist has been dismantled.

– There is some work in gas room.

– Doors, small windows & frames, all sheetrock and insulation are stored on site.

Per Steve, they will bring in more workers to commence sheetrock and all other finished trades. He targets to resume normal work next month.

March 2017


Per site visit 3/2/17, there is some progress on job site with arrival of new windows.  Site safety manager and about 10 workers are on site. Our finding summary is as follows,

– small windows have been installed in rear of building except balcony areas.  Windows have not arrived for the front portion of building;

-due new window design, it seems they have discarded their PTAC design beneath window and will follow up with to find out what new design is;

– elevators have been installed but not yet operational.  Its hoist is still running.

-exhaust and fresh air vent has been finished

-bathtubs have been installed on all residential floors.

-hot and cold water pipes are in place and there is one boiler room on each floor.

-doors, small windows & frames, sheetrock and insulation are stored on site

As windows installation is catching up, we will expect to see more progress on interior finishes like dry wall, flooring, fixtures installation.  We are looking at earliest date of project completion in fall of this year.  As per discussion with the developer, they have sold many of the condo units so this is good news for them.



Till the end of 2016, a summary of project progress is as follow:

– interior stud framing is completed from retail floor to top floor.

– exhaust and fresh air vent is in progress

-bathtubs are delivered on site and installed on lower floors.

-hot and cold water pipes were being installed from 6th to 7th floors.

Dry walls will be installed upon completion of windows installation.



Site visit on August 4th 2016,
– there were just a few workers on site.
– interior stud framing is complete from retail floor to top floor.
-exhaust and fresh air vent is in progress
-bathtubs are delivered site and installed on lower floors.
-hot and cold water pipes were being installed from 6th to 7th floors.
– there is not much work progress to the site compared to my last inspection in June.  windows and elevators are not delivered.

JUNE 2016


Site visit on June 8th, 2016,
– there were about over a dozen workers on site.
– the building structure plus balconies have been topped out and exterior bricks are complete.
– Interior stud framing is complete progressing from ground floor to roof while wood flooring has also commenced from 2nd floor to 12th floor for about 80% floor area. tiles for kitchen are being done from 12th floor to 4th floor.
– plumbing and sprinkler main has been installed to roof and plumbing and sprinkler piping are connected up to 12th floor.  both plumbing and sprinkler heads are not installed yet.
– electrical wiring is progressing up to 12th floor and ventilation wrap is also up to 12th floor.
– PTAC dual cooling/healing cases installed throughout the building however equipment have not installed yet probably due to prevent theft.
– the two elevator shafts and beam, rails and cable are in place but are not operational yet.  the hoist machine is operational on site.
– there is a partial stop work order due to no plumbing permit.  according to the project manager, the plumbing permit is being renewed.  the stop work order will be rescinded after plumbing permit is renewed.
– windows and doors are still not in place and per the project manager, the windows being ordered and would be delivered in about two months. windows would cost over $1 million.  without windows, they cannot start drywall works.
overall, the project is slowly progressing in past few months, slow delivery of windows will definitely postpone the project completion.


The developer is expecting construction completion in September 2016. They will start to presell from the beginning of 2016.

JUNE 2015

The general contractor is erecting steel beams up to the eighth floor. They anticipate the building will be topped out in the following two months. They also expect project completion in summer 2016.

MARCH 2015

The general contractor is erecting steel beams up to the sixth floor. Concrete has been poured on the fifth floor. They expect substantial project completion in early 2016.


Concrete has been poured for 1st and 2nd floors. Concrete masonry unit (CMU) walls are also being erected on site.