December 2017


As per site visit on 12/7/2017 afternoon, there was project manager from Mandarin Enterprise, the owner and about 10 workers including both masonry workers and steel workers on job site.  A summary of work is as below:
  • Compared to last visit, 3rd steel floor is almost in place while only small portion of decking pending finished, the workers will pour concrete next week or so pending weather.
  • 4th floor column to west of the property are up and once 3rd floor is finished, they will start to erect full 4th floor.
  • Entire 2nd floor has been poured and stairs are up 2nd floor. And CMU wall is erected up 2nd floor as well.
  • The project is expected to make good progress in spite of winter months ahead.
  • In the meantime, they will start installing automate parking garage later this month.

September 2017


As per site visit on 10/11/2017 afternoon, there was project manager from Mandarin Enterprise and the owner on job site. A summary of work is as below:

  • Compared to last visit, 2nd floor is poured with concrete and CMU works also in progress.
  • Parking installation is up.
  • GC has ordered elevator and paid deposit.

Per GC, they are finishing up reaching a settlement with neighbor for scaffold.

June 2017


Per site visit on 6/21/2017, summary of work is as below. The 1st floor, mezzanine floor have been poured with concrete and 2nd floor decking except north of property is pending to pour concrete. Big parking components are stored on site and more equipment and materials will deliver next few months.

March 2017


Per site visit on 4/5/2017 morning, about 15 construction workers on job site.

  • entire cellar floor has been poured with concrete and over 60% of 1st floor area plus the ramp has been poured with concrete.
  • a mid-size concrete truck came and would pour concrete to rear section of 1st floor.
  • elevator room is erected on 1st floor. A new stair is in place from 1st floor to bottom floor.
  • at the same time, they are still waiting for auto parking equipment to be delivered and hopefully these equipment will arrive this month.

Overall, recently frequent rain has delayed them from finishing up 1st floor. As weather is changing, they will pick up pace soon.



Per site visit on 10/14/2016 afternoon, foundation and footing are complete.  Right now, they are finishing up the below grade slab at the bottom.  The project manager told us they target to finish by end of October. At the time of visit, there were about a dozen of workers and all excavation work is complete.  Once foundation is complete, they will start superstructure right after.  They told us they scheduled to have first parking garage delivery late November. Overall, the work is moving slowly but steadily.

For the current AIA application payment, a significant portion is related to payment for excavation, foundation works, and general condition.

JUNE 2016


As site visit on June 7th 2016, about 80% of 1st half of sub-cellar level 1 (3rd underground level) is complete.  They are looking to dig down final 8 feet down to complete the foundation.  David said they target to complete it in two months.  when foundation is completed and automate parking garage will be installed on site. At the time of visit, David Lo was talking to newly used excavator operator and he said the new guy will handle further excavation.  there was a big excavator machine on site.  Overall, the work has resumed moving steadily.


The general contractor is working on the foundation, which is expected to be completed in spring 2016. They expect construction completion before the end of 2017.

JUNE 2015

The general contractor is working on the foundation, which will be completed at the end of this year.

MARCH 2015

The existing building has been fully demolished. The site has been fenced in. The general contractor has begun excavating the site.


The general contractor has obtained permits to demolish the old building. The building is being demolished. They expected demolition would be completed at the end of 2014.