GROUP 14 – Davis/Union Project Progress

July 2023


  • As of July 2023, the Davis Project is moving on schedule
  • Fourth floor construction has been completed
  • Construction of the fifth floor is undergoing
  • The project’s developer ZD JASPER is aiming to complete construction of one floor per week


  • Site preparation is expected to commence in the following weeks
  • The developer has obtained fence permit, groundwork permit, and foundation permit

May 2023


Apr 2023


  • Foundation work has begun
  • Excavation has nearly completed and crews are in the process of forming the reinforced concrete perimeter walls as the site fills up with a network of steel rebar for the floors, columns, and walls
  • Based on the pace of progress, Davis project could begin to rise above street level near the end of spring and top out by the end of 2023.