Group 5&6 - Bond LIC Condo Project progress

By the end of December 2021, the group 5 & 6 have been completed. The 11th Street project has been completed, the CO has been approved, the sale has been completed and the occupants have moved in. I-526 has been approved.

Dec 2019

- The project has been completed.

Sep 2019

Fundraising closed, I-526 approved

Project progress

- As of the beginning of August 2019, the final work of the 11th Street project is under way, and TCO expects to get it soon. At that time, the pre-sale units can be transferred.

May 2019

Fundraising closed, I-526 approved

Project progress

- By the beginning of May 2019, all external wall shelves of the 11th Street project have been removed, doors and windows have been installed, and the internal decoration of all residential units is being finalized. It is expected that the project will be completed this summer.

Jan 2019

Fundraising closed, I-526 approved

Project progress

- As of January 2019, the 11th Street apartment project is coming to an end, and the model houses in the building have been renovated and opened to the outside world. At present, the project is undergoing interior decoration. After the decoration is completed, it will apply to the housing authority for an occupancy permit. In terms of sales, because the real estate is only one block away from Amazon's second headquarters, the pre-sale is good.

Oct 2018

Fundraising closed, I-526 approved

Project progress

- By the third quarter of 2018, the water distribution, air duct and electrical system of the project had been basically completed, the wall building had been basically completed, and the glass on some floors had been installed. All the remaining glass frames and 4 and 5 layers of glass have arrived and stored on the construction site. The internal gray board has reached the last layer. The painter is painting layer by layer from the bottom to the top. After painting, the remaining glass windows can be installed. The elevator can be put into use after waiting for review. The overall project is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

Apr 2018

Fundraising closed, I-526 approved

Project progress

On April 24, 2018, the U.S. entrepreneurship regional center conducted a project progress investigation in the first quarter of 2018 on the 5th and 6th Projects - 11th Street apartment project in Long Island, New York. The project has made significant progress in the past few months. The summary is as follows: 1. Since the last survey, the superstructure main body and wall of the building have been completed, the work of CMU is coming to an end, and the building is capped. 2. On the day of inspection, more than 60 workers carried out frame, partition, gypsum board, water and electricity, machinery, pipeline, air conditioning, building external construction and elevator installation. 3. All scaffold pipes are installed to the roof to prevent debris from falling off from the construction site. The elevator guide rail is installed to the 7th floor. 4、 Angle steel plate More than 80% of the (brick) has been completed, and the expansion part of the outer wall of the 11th Street has recently started construction at the back of the building. The external waterproof work of the 11th Street apartment has also started from the wall facing the 11th Street. 5. The first batch of windows and bricks will be transported to the construction site in May. The partition and internal frame have been completed to the 7th floor. The gypsum board work has been started in the kitchen area on the lower floor, and the full-scale gypsum board workers The work will begin around the end of April. 6. The bathtub installation has been completed to the fourth floor, Water pipe (including the sewer) has been completed to the 6th floor, and the water spray faucet has been installed on the roof. The water spray branch has been completed to the 6th floor, and the copper pipe has been installed to the 5th floor. The water pump and firewall room have been completed. 7. The HVAC pipeline has been installed to the 6th floor. All indoor Toshiba air conditioning equipment has been transported to the construction site, and the refrigeration pipeline of the air conditioning unit has been installed to the 4th floor. 8. The power engineering has been installed to the 5th floor, and The electrical subcontractor is still working with con ed to obtain temporary electricity for the project site. The electrical room is being installed on the first floor. 9. Verizon Internet network cable can be installed to the 5th floor, and the temporary camera is installed outside the building. The waste chute is installed to the roof. All terrace areas and roofs of the ground floor courtyard have been waterproof.

The contractor expects that the project will be completed by the end of this year. Arcfe project management department believes that the project can be completed by the end of the year as long as there are enough staff on the site. The apartment will be pre sold this summer and is expected to be transferred after obtaining the government access certificate in the first half of next year. The overall progress of the project is smooth!

Sep 2017

- Job site is continuing to making good progress as of 10/17/2017 as follows:- Pile is basically complete except remaining piles in elevator pits to be grouted when we begin to work there later.- All footing and foundation walls are in place. There are more pile cap works and elevator pit to be finished in next two to three weeks depending how fast we excavate the pit area and then dewatering.- Temporary power installation was completed this week.- The GC is targeting to finish all pile caps and below grade slab by first week of November.

Jun 2017

- Per site visit on 6/20/2017, a summary of work is as below:

- Demolition has been completed. Job site has been mobilized and Lions Group plans to break ground next week.

Mar 2017

- Per site visit on 3/31/2017, here is summary of finding:

- old building’s superstructure has been demolished;

- sidewalk bridge has been dismantled last week;

- basement has been demolished and they already knocked down old foundation;

- Overall, the demolition has been done. Excavation is going to commence soon.

Dec 2016

- ARCFE visited construction site on 2/6/2017. Per today's visit, over a dozen of workers on site and two excavators. 1st floor is almost demolished. Today, our monitoring company sent their worker to put up four crack monitoring devices onto adj. interior wall.  We should come back to check it tomorrow and then we will come to check it periodically thereafter. Going forward, we will pay them $1,000 per month until we finish our superstructure. We shall finish up demolition in next two to three weeks.

Oct 2016

- As of 9/30/2016, asbestos fibres have been cleaned. Utilities were cut off. GC is going to demolish superstructure.

- Land title was officially transferred on May 18th 2016. As site visit on July 8th 2016, demolition of old building has started.