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The Department of States (DOS) have posted their April Visa Bulletin. The Employment Base Fifth category are as follow:

The EB-5 Regional Center program has been reauthorized at this time. The reauthorization comes hand-in-hand with the EB-5 program reform, so the new laws repeal the old EB-5 laws. With this being said, USCIS need 60 days from the reauthorization date (March 15th) to analyze and release more information on how they interpret the language of the laws, and how they will process the EB-5 cases. Hence, the Priority Date for EB-5 Regional Center remains “Unauthorized – U”. The earliest date that we can expect USCIS to start processing new application is May 15th.

How to read the visa bulletin?

“C” = Current

  1. This means no backlog. USCIS will process applications as they come in.

“U” = Unauthorized

  1. The program is currently paused or USCIS not processing new application.

Date (DDMYY)

  1. There is a backlog.

  2. Petitions filed prior to this date will be processed.

  3. Petitions filed after this date will have to wait.

We will continue monitor USCIS announcement and update you with latest news.

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