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The Department of States (DOS) have posted their February Visa Bulletin. The Employment Base Fifth category are as follow:

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The EB-5 Regional Center program has not been reauthorized by the Congress at this time, hence its status is “U – Unauthorized” for all countries. The next date we can expect the program to be reauthorized is on February 18th 2022.

How to read the visa bulletin?

Sample visa bulletin

“C” = Current

  1. This means no backlog. USCIS will process applications as they come in.

“U” = Unauthorized

  1. The program is currently paused.

Date (DDMYY)

  1. There is a backlog.

  2. Petitions filed prior to this date will be processed.

  3. Petitions filed after this date will have to wait.

We will continue monitor the EB-5 RCs reauthorization movements and update you.



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