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USCIS announced on August 2, 2022 that beginning on September 1, the agency will no longer accept a single, combined fee when the petitioner files form I-526E together with form I-485, I-131 or I-765. This is important for investors who are looking to file their petitions concurrently (read more below on Concurrent Filing). Petitioners may combine fee payments for forms I-485, I-131 and I-765, but may not combine it with fee payment for form I-526E. Fee payment for form I-526E must come in a separate check. Improper fee payment will result in petitions rejected by USCIS.

USCIS is transitioning to electronic processing, where they will be using multiple systems to receive and process various requests. Form I-526E petition and related applications are not all processed in the same system. Hence, a separate payment is required.

“We acknowledge that using multiple checks or payments for petitions and related applications is more burdensome than using one payment. However, we believe that the advantages of electronic processing to both the agency and to the public outweigh the impact of submitting individual fee payments” the immigration agency states in their email.

Concurrent Filing

Under the EB-5 Integrity and Reform Act of 2022 (“RIA”), EB-5 investors who are already in the United States under a different visa status are eligible to file their petitions for EB-5 together with their applications to request for adjustment of status. This will allow the investors and their family (spouse & children under 21 years old) to have immediate freedom to live, work and study in the United States, without having to wait for the visa to become available. If investor chooses to do concurrent filing, they will need to file these four forms at the same time:

  1. Form I-526E (“Immigrant Petition by Regional Center Investor”)

  2. Form I-485 (“Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status”)

  3. Form I-131 (“Application for Travel Document”)

  4. Form I-765 (“Application for Employment Authorization”)

ARCFE is recruiting 25 investors for Group 13

Group 13 consists of two real estate development projects located in the prime locations of Long Island City: 38th Ave Project & Thomson Project.


We measure our success not by how much funds we can raise, but how successful we are in assisting our investors throughout their EB-5 journey. ARCFE’s priority is our investors’ success in achieving their American Dream of becoming permanent residents and enjoying the benefits the United States has to offer. We ensure that the services we provide will always put the investors’ interest above anything else. As a company that is immigrant built, we believe in the extraordinary talents that new generations of immigrants could bring to this country, and we want to provide an opportunity for the next generations to explore their full potentials in a prosperous environment.

New York Office

28-07 Jackson Ave, 8th Floor, LIC, NY 11101




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