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ARCFE stands for “American Regional Center for Entrepreneurs”. We strive to be the finest EB-5 Regional Center in the United States. The focus of ARCFE is to secure job creation for satisfying USCIS I-526 and I-829 requirements. Accordingly, ARCFE realizes our investors have three objectives: permanent residency, ultimate repayment of investment, and rate of return on their investments. The investors’ objectives are our objectives.

By following the investor-centric business model, all parties involved will prosper. These various stakeholders are as follows: the foreign national investors, the communities within the Regional Center, American workers, and federal, state and local governments.

The Regional Center carefully considers the location of all projects to ensure that the project qualifies as a Targeted Employment Area (TEA) if the investor capital contribution is going to take place at the reduced $500,000. Previous ARCFE investors have considered our model and determined that it is one of the safest and most secure EB-5 investments being offered. The reason is we carefully address both investor and USCIS concerns.

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Geographic Area and Industry Focus

American Regional Center was designated by United States Department of Homeland Security on March 5, 2013. ARCFE provides capital for a wide range of job creating economic development projects throughout New York City. Our current geographic regions include counties of Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Nassau, Westchester, Richmond, Rockland, Suffolk, Putnam, Dutchess, Orange, Ulster (New York); Litchfield, New Haven, Fairfield (Connecticut); Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Morris, Passaic, Sussex, Union (New Jersey).

Currently ARCFE is focusing on provide EB-5 funding to real estate development projects within Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Nassau and Westchester. We are also approved to work in conjunction with government agencies, economic development not-for-profits, and private developers to fund a diversified portfolio of real estate projects – such as light industrial, civic, manufacturing, office, retail, hotel, and mixed-use.