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Group 7 Oosten Condo

Project Progress

Oosten Condo

Nov 2016

As of 2016 Q4, construction work for OOSTEN had been completed. Certificate of occupancy had been received. The project is complete.

Sep 2016

As of September 30th 2016, the construction of 4 buildings has completed. Garden and facilities are ready to use. Closing will started as soon as TCO is approved.

Jun 2016

As of June 30th 2016, the construction of four buildings is finishing up. Con Ed lines are already set up. We are expecting to receive TCO before 3rd quarter this year and begin condo closing in November.

Dec 2015

The general contractor is working on the interior construction. They expect construction completion in July 2016. The sales of the units are going on well. More than 120 units were pre-sold, with the average price of above $1,100 per square feet (among 201 condo units and 15 town houses in the building). It is expected to be delivered before the end of 2016.

Jun 2015

Four sections of the 7-story superstructure building have been topped out. The general contractor is working on the interior construction in the building. They expect substantial construction completion in September 2016.